Trust the Process


If we are able to stay with a  situation, it will carry us to a new place.

Shaun McNif in Trust the Process (1998)

Accountability is a value I hold high. If I have given you my word or commit to something, you can count on me to deliver … most of the time. I am also someone who procrastinates endlessly, particularly about administrative matters for which I have little time or patience. Website maintenance is a prime example; it is low on my list of priorities, easily surpassed by yoga, making art, cycling and appreciating and creating tasty food.

My own creative process while unstructured and spontaneous is highly productive and yet I, like many people I see in my practice, struggled for many years to make time for art … my first love. Since making the commitment to myself some three years ago to place art at the centre of my life, I have continued to grow a body of work, to sketch and attend life drawing every week (albeit late most weeks) and to sometimes create images for consecutive days at a time. I take my sketch book with me when I travel and I draw even when out public. Does this mean I am happy with what I produce? Not often, but I can see my work developing and my style growing and this brings me great pleasure and satisfaction, even when I struggle.

So today I will do what I have done most of my life in a different way. I want to figure out what I want to say. I want to share my experiences of triumph, failure and breakthrough. I want find out what helps you overcome your blocks to creativity.

For me this begins by trusting the Process, committing to the practice of writing regularly, with the support of a few trustworthy buddies who also want to write …

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