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“Thank you so much, all of your guidance and support, it has changed my life and probably saved my life. I honestly cannot thank you enough for helping me to turn my life around. “

- Tara, (Nurse) 2012

“Alee’s emphasis on living inside one’s body, especially in moments of pain, whether sitting and being aware of breathing, or moving about, waving arms, walking legs, and using one’s voice, has been an invaluable approach for me. I find that, as I suffer from depression, which is really a depression of self/life energy, I tend to reduce my living, to want to curl up into a ball, or lie down and sleep and stay in my room.

By being playful and expressive with feelings, I am able to feel the painful feelings, and with movement and time, they are released sooner, and so do not depress my energy. It takes courage to do this, but remembering that, once I do, the painful feelings really will be released so that I am free of them sooner to live in the moment, helps me to take the first step. I have received counseling for many years and often it has centred on talking and relating verbally and mentally. When I had counseling with Alee, I was aware of the desire not to actually talk so much about what was on my mind, as I could talk easily for an hour, focusing on my problem, and feel like I have gone around in circles, without any liberating change.

Alee’s approach is to help you to gain skills that stay with you beyond the immediate grievances and difficulties in life. I have personally come to many realizations: that it is my own emotional nature and my self that I need to understand in life, and that everything else in my life (difficult relationships with others) is not worth focusing on, as once I learn to live peaceably within myself, everything else aligns itself naturally.”

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“I feel that Alee’s approach is to focus on solutions, and not on problems, and that is liberating in itself, and can be challenging at first, but then can be learned and welcomed as a new habit. As a person who has been in therapy for years, I was always attracted to learning as much as I could, and sometimes making pathologies out of aspects of myself, which could probably have been left alone.

Everyone’s journey is different. Alee’s Buddhist background, paying attention to our neglected bodies, often neglected at the expense of the mind, is one that has given me the courage to go off antidepressants, and the courage to live my life one day at a time, and not to use my mind to try to force life out of myself. I feel that her attention to the body is astute, because suffering is registered in the body, perhaps more so than the mind. I have learned to live, day by day, and not to be surprised when a pallet of emotions comes across my path, but not to get stuck at one feeling or idea. I am learning not to extend the suffering of suffering, that is, not to dwell on, extend, languish in or mentally proliferate my suffering, but to let it pass (by expressing it bodily as abovementioned), and to have the courage to let it go, as everything in life is transitory.

In recent months, I have felt a joy within myself that I have not felt in many years. I attribute this to a combination of Alee’s counselling, going off antidepressants, not drinking coca-cola, eating healthily, exercising and taking multi-vitamins, learning to live in more of predictable rhythm (routine!) and learning to be gentle with my thoughts – to let each thought pass, not to judge it, but to know that I consist of more than any of my passing thoughts. To accept and embrace the mystery of life. To feel compassion for myself, and others. To be at peace with my unknown future, which helps me not to cling onto bad relationships. To let life show me the way, rather than the other way around.”


 - Nicola, PhD Student, Poet, Actor & Illustrator


“Thanks for our session tonight. I really appreciate all your time and care and the fact that you get the stuff that matters to me.

 You always remain patient and engaged with me and give me time to find my way… I appreciate that you understand the value of that for me and don’t become frustrated (with me)

 I feel different within myself (in a good way)…there have been some deep and lasting changes in my sense of myself and the world. 

 - Anonymous 

“I heard about Alison from someone who had attended her workshop on working with girls that self harm. My daughter was suffering from depression and self harming at this time and we had tried many things. I approached Alison hoping that she would be able to help my daughter. I ended up having sessions with her (via Skype). She helped me see that some of the behaviours that we were really distressed about, were quite common for girls with depression/self esteem and anxiety issues. She gave me many helpful strategies which helped ME cope better and made my reactions and responses to my daughter’s behaviour and distress calmer and more helpful to her needs.”

 - Carole NSW

“I tend to be a thinker and problem solver, talking through issues to find a solution. Whilst this might be effective for my work, personally, I find myself getting stuck in my head creating stories and reasons to explain or validate how I feel. It doesn’t work for matters that really affect me to the core. I find myself confused, frustrated and sleepless, ruminating over what I should have done or said, or how others don’t understand me. I judge myself and others, and it feels like such a hopeless and powerless situation.

Alee introduced me to ways to interact with these experiences and feelings in a constructive and heart-felt way. I explore physical sensations through play and mindfulness to truly experience and connect with my feelings, not just intellectually and emotionally, but also physically and spiritually. The insights come through experience. I reconnect to joy which has felt quite illusive to me lately. And I also have just plain fun!

Thanks Alee for reminding me of the preciousness of life that is within all of us.”

- Tracey, Executive, Qld


“Alee has worked with me long-term to assist me with the impacts of trauma in my life, including eating issues and self-harm. She has been consistently present and patient, working with me to create a therapeutic experience which is helpful for me. She leads by example, challenges me to grow – but always respects my journey and the time it takes for me to engage and open up to new experiences.”

- Anonymous

“Alee’s playful, creative and compassionate work with me has allowed me to make huge shifts in many areas of my life and to be in the world in a way that I never thought would be possible for me.”

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