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Open Your Heart

Why is it so hard to sit still and do what we love and instead fill our lives up with extraneous commitments that leave little or no space for play, creativity and the things make our hearts really sing?

Driving my daughter to the airport, in torrential rain, after a weekend of resting and relaxing at the coast, we shared some of the things that we do that enable us to connect with our creativity and heart space. My daughter shared her love of flying and how it is often when she is in the air, that she feels most able to connect with her creative spirit. What surprised me was that she believes she is more able to tune into her creativity because she is not able to leave the aeroplane! In other words not being able to go anywhere provides her with the ideal conditions and constraints that she needs to be still, contemplate and create.

Since first reading Pema Chodron’s book Wisdom of No Escape some years ago, I have been interested in the idea of constraint and how this might aid creativity. I began to notice how I made all kinds of excuses for not making art and wanted to take action to change this. For a while now I have been practicing ‘staying with’ as opposed to ‘running away from’ my creativity and working at building a connection with my ‘inner artist’ and letting her come out and play!

Moving from our head voice into our heart’s mind (that’s the one beneath the habitual mindless chatter that takes up most of the airspace in our minds!), can take some practice. For example, if I were to just listen to my habitual head voice, it would find endless reasons not to make space for art and meditation….I don’t have sufficient time….I need to earn more money…..I am not good enough….its uncomfortable… on and on it goes! But what I have come to realise is that the only way to be more creative and to overcome this annoying voice is to (in the words of the great classical dancer Martha Graham) JUST DO IT!

We may not all be able to get in an aeroplane to get our creative juices going, but there are things we can do to cultivate an environment that is conducive to art and meditation practice. Since making art a priority in my life and making a daily commitment to meditation, I have found that I have more space, greater peace of mind and a feeling of boundless joy! The creativity and peace that comes from my commitment to these two things, flows into every other area of my life allowing me to be my true self and do more of what I love!

Heartwork, was created out of the work of staying with what challenges, supports and interests me. In a nutshell…I take the difficulties and curiosities that life presents and turn them into empowering opportunities.

6 ways to connect to your Heart Space, enhance Creativity and Joy in your life!

  1. Make a commitment to nurture your own Heartwork practice
  2. Make a specific time of the day for your meditation/creative practice
  3. Sit and breathe – even practicing for 5 mins a day will make a difference!
  4. Create an inviting space that entices you to sit and enjoy your breathing
  5. Take a class in something creative that you enjoy (UAB link)
  6. 6. Repeat these practices each day and watch as your joy increase!

For more inspiration on making art a part of your life check out this great Video  (This video is subtitled)


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