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 ACA Approved Supervisor

Supervision is a requirement for practitioners wishing to obtain professional membership and registration to be eligible for professional liability insurance. Regulating organisations, such as those listed below, seek to uphold industry standards by ensuring practitioners reflect on their practice; adhere to industry requirements and abide by the organisation’s code of ethics. While supervision is a professional requirement and therefore different from therapy, the therapist may also use the supervision time to explore any personal issues that can inevitably arise in therapy with their clients, and offers a supportive space in which the student or therapist can process those concerns or issues.

Alison is experience in providing professional supervision to students, registered counsellors and psychotherapists from a range of professional training institutions and organisations including ACA (Australian Counselling Association); GTB (Gestalt Therapy Brisbane) and MMHAT (Masters of Mental Health Art Therapy, University of QLD).

For more information on these organisations’ codes of ethics and professional development requirements and courses see links below:


Counselling and Psychotherapy Professional Registration


Professional Development Courses

Gestalt Therapy Brisbane

Masters of Mental Health Art Therapy, University of QLD