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Heartwork groups integrate a range of creative life practices that allow you to bring into focus your life’s intentions and bring power to your passions!

Groups may include, self-nurturing practices such as gentle yoga, mindfulness and relaxation, empowerment and relationship skills and group dialogue.

Groups are run regularly throughout the year according to demand.

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Living Doll

Do you know what practices nourish, support and sustain your body, mind and spirit?

Do you know how to reconnect with what you love when you need to?

Come to the Living Doll play day and discover skills that will nourish you and enable you to connect with your heart +

Create a “living” doll that can travel with you as you grow and discover more of what you love!

Half Day or Full Day workshop (all materials supplied)

8 – 12 participants

Cost per person $75

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Workshop Testimonials

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Living Dolls workshop. I was really impressed with your delivery style, very welcoming and acknowledging of the diversity in the room. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to many more!!

The workshop was well paced….. I liked the way you introduced the day with movement .

Some of the students looked like this was a difficult thing for them, but you helped ease them into the process. I noticed the transition of the girls from being hesitant, almost ‘not sure’, into confidently speaking with one another, sharing their opinions, stories , identities….even though for most, it was the first time they had met!!

I like the way this workshop is very much about process as it is product….their journeys as it is about their creations.

I could see the girls experience a sense of ‘community’ or bonding; they could identify with each other on many levels. I even heard some impromptu ‘advice’ being shared between too girls … Have you ever thought about…”. The workshop provided with them with the opportunity to do this….It provided a non-threatening, respectful context …. An opportunity for their creativity or their own stories to shine through their creations . A sense of belonging came through strongly.

I believe that this workshop is valuable in working across cultures – including the culturally diverse as well as linguistically diverse cultures. Too often, there is a reliance on words as a form of expression and this does not suit everyone. I love that one of the girls is now going to start sewing!!

Finally, your knowledge of presentation and the history behind this therapy is amazing!!
Thank you for the experience once again. Look forward to our paths crossing again!!

- Snezana Nastic-Kern Guidance Counsellor


The Gaia Tree – Self Care Basics

Develop your own self care CANOPY and become…

  • Connected
  • Aware
  • Nourished
  • Open
  • Passionate
  • You!

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Nourish – Eat, Love, Play Now!

A series of 6 workshops for mothers with daughters 16-25, seeking to reconnect to what nourishes, sustains and supports you.

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