Counselling & Psychotherapy


Alison Lee

Imagine a therapeutic environment that is structured and yet sufficiently flexible that it enables you to grapple with the complexity of life… increases your awareness and gives you access to more satisfying, meaningful and creative possibilities.

Imagine a therapy that allowed you to work at your own pace, to experiment and play with art, sand and symbols and to make choices about what you focus on, as you get clearer about what matters most…

Therapy is not just something to access when your life is falling apart or your heart is broken and can be used to raise awareness and enhance the quality of your life. If you want to improve your health, the quality of your relationships and access greater peace, freedom, joy…….then Heartwork is the therapy for you!

Raise your awareness, build life skills and experiment with creative and playful practices that nourish and support you and enhance the quality of your life.

Heartwork can also assist you to move tenderly and gracefully through trauma, grief and loss and as a supportive practice for navigating significant life transitions.

Sometimes therapy can be used to gain insight into relationship issues, develop greater confidence or to deal with life limiting beliefs and habits.


Therapy Counselling & Psychotherapy

While the terms counselling and psychotherapy are words that may be used interchangeably – there is a slight distinction between them.

Counselling usually refers to short-term consultations, which can be useful in addressing practical or present issues that are fairly easily resolved.

Psychotherapy is generally understood to be longer-term treatment or support that enables you to address issues, attitudes or behaviours that are or are perceived as life limiting or life threatening, or to deal with situations that may be outside our realm of experience and therefore require deeper attention and support. Ideally good therapy will promote awareness, access to inner and outer resources and new skills that offer choice, greater personal freedom and strategies to be able to manage life’s complexity and uncertainties. For more information on this topic see also:


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