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Heartwork for Life

Wednesdays are my favourite day of the week! This Wednesday like most other other Wednesdays, I will pack my sketchbook, pencils and paintbox into my pannier pack and cycle to work with a smile in my belly because … after work … life drawing! Drawing is something I have dabbled in since I was a [...]

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Just Enough

So much for my commitment to the weekly blog challenge! Nothing like a week’s holiday and time in nature to break the routine, good intentions and find my off-button. Thankfully, I arrived back in Brisbane feeling refreshed, energised and full of creative juice. Rather than berating myself for not meeting my challenge, I decided to [...]

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Trust the Process

  If we are able to stay with a  situation, it will carry us to a new place. Shaun McNif in Trust the Process (1998) Accountability is a value I hold high. If I have given you my word or commit to something, you can count on me to deliver … most of the time. [...]

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